Sweet First Day Homeschooling


Today was our first official day of homeschooling. ❤ It was sweet and simple! Looking forward to tomorrow, the next day, and the whole upcoming year.

I could share so much more than just the photos below – like what this choice means for me personally and spiritually, and why we’re choosing to homeschooling, and why we’re using primarily Waldorf methods for educating our children, and what we actually did today in our lessons, stories, and creativity, and why, and what was my experience, and what’s our plan for tomorrow…. And for the YEAR… And how my children are not deprived in the least of socialization…

But! I’m not available to write all of that out. I did take some photos to give you just a tiny taste of my new life focus and immersion.

Day 1 of Homeschooling 2017
Our little homeschool room. ❤
Fruscella Homeschool
Maybe a new name will emerge, but this fits for now!
Fall Family Rhythm
Our fall daily/weekly rhythm.
Filled the Bird Feeder
Filled up the birdfeeder today.
Birth Bath
A bird bath we created… 🙂
Lizard Frog Turtle Story
A story-scape we add to everyday.
Muffins Day 1
First day muffins and tea. ❤
Muffins Day 1 Silly

Ah. Nothing feels more simple and right than to do what we’re doing.

Actually, to be totally open and honest, my experience is that God does not want me to do anything but just be with my children! I feel like I’m constantly being directed back to family life. To live simply and slow down. And in following this path, what do I find there waiting for me? My spirit. Self-realization. God. Oh, and 2 souls who yearn for connection to truth.

May I serve them well!

2 thoughts on “Sweet First Day Homeschooling

  1. Simply wonderful! May I share your thoughts sometimes in on my page HARE KRISHNA CHILDCARE? Please advise. Your servant, Ratnavali dd.


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